Studio West

Florentine Fine Art tradition on Brooklyn’s waterfront

Studio West is built on the traditional method practiced by nineteenth century masters, and revived in the twentieth century by Daniel Graves, Michael John Angel, and Charles Cecil. Housed on Brooklyn’s Greenpoint waterfront, Studio West is committed to upholding the techniques studied in Florence Italy. Each course is centered on the human form and designed to provide every student with a clear and informed foundation, which can be applied to all future projects and workshops.

Studio West is a natural light studio which is ideal for seeing color and value, as well as training the eye to the subtle movements of the model and adapting to light shifts as the day progresses. All courses will be taught with live models (nude for figure painting and drawing.)

It is the goal of Studio West to provide all students with the tools necessary to propel their artwork forward and continue to uphold the traditional method that has been used to create some of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Monthly Classes


Capturing the Human Form: The classical Technique

Students will learn the traditional process of constructing a figure painting or drawing. The class will be introduced to the sight-size method and start painting in line, and eventually mass in value to create an immediate sense of light.

Throughout the month, students will develop their painting into a color representation of the human form using a full color palette. Students will also learn technical concepts on painting regarding the “fat over lean” concept, the best materials to use to create and protect your work, and understanding color mixing.

Students will work from a live model every Monday and Wednesday, and will receive frequent individual critiques.

Dates: Monthly
Time: 10am- 1pm
Length: Every Monday and Wednesday
Location: 67 West Street, Suite 702, Brooklyn NY 11222
Cost: $380



  • Painting List

    -Paints- Ivory Black
    English Red
    Alizarin Crimson
    Cobalt blue
    Viridian green
    Yellow ochre
    Cremnitz White-Brushes- Flats and/or filberts. Range from size 4-10. Approximately 10 total-Palette- Wood palette or grey palette paper-Linseed oil or Rublev oliogel
    -Turpentine or brush cleaner
    -Medium cups
    -Canvas or canvas panel. Lightly toned using black and English red to create a warm
    -Paper Towels
    -Palette knife

  • Drawing List

    -Charcoal- Nitram B HB H or willow and vine charcoal
    -Sand paper block (for sharpening charcoal)
    -Kneaded eraser
    -Drawing paper- Fabriano Roma. Either Michelangelo or Rafaello (White)
    -Artist tape
    -Plumb line

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